Thursday, May 1, 2014

New house

Last Saturday we moved!!  FINALLY!!!!!  We have slowly been outgrowing our old home, and we have had our house on the market forever!  We fell in love with some new homes that were being built about 12 minutes south of where we lived.  We put money on a lot and hoped that we would sell.  Well, a few weeks later, we decided to walk through one of the spec homes they were building.  It was exactly what we wanted to build!  It had the extra bedroom, the flooring I had wanted, and they were offering it at a discounted price just to get someone in the home.  We decided to make them an even lower offer just to see what they would say.  Well, they ACCEPTED!!  WHAT??  Since our home hadn't sold yet, we had to decide pretty fast what we were going to do.  My mom and dad said they would help us out and try to help us get a renter in the home, so that's what we have done.  We are just going to manage our old home and pray that the renter is a good one, and they don't ruin that house!!  But, we have closed on our house and we are now here!! It is so beautiful! I wish I could win the lottery so I could decorate it and make it so cute right now! But I guess we will just have to slowly buy things for the home.  As soon as we aren't living out of boxes I will post some pics! Can't wait!!


Seriously?  I haven't written on my Blog in over 7 months?!! Life has been so busy and I really miss writing on here.  We had some sad family things happen last month, and I think writing about it will help me clear my mind.  About 3 weeks ago, my mother-in-law was sick and in the hospital.  They couldn't find anything wrong with her, so they sent her home.  The next morning, her daughter found her unconscious and not breathing well.  The paramedics took her to the hospital and my husband arrived there just as they were trying to revive her.  They got her heart going again and she was basically put into a coma with some medicine while her body tried to recover.  It was a long few days with her in the hospital.  Once the swelling went down in her brain, they could do some tests on her to see how long she may have been without oxygen.  Turned out she was probably without oxygen for at least 10-15 minutes.  The damage to her brain was so severe.  It was determined that she was brain dead.  She was on life support and we had to decide to take her off the machines.  Who wants to make that decision?  How was I supposed to tell my children that their grandma was so sick, that she was going to die?  It was the hardest week of my life that week, and it wasn't even my own mother.  To watch my husband deal with all of that stress, it was horrible!  Once we were at peace with the decision that we made, we all gathered at the hospital to be with her.  Her 3 children and their significant others got to be in the room with her as she passed, while other family members waited outside.  I am so grateful that my dad was able to stay home and watch my kids that day so I could be there with my husband while he said goodbye to his mom.  I'm also grateful to know that we will be able to see her again.  Of course the afterlife is a big unknown, but I can feel that everything will be ok.

Monday, September 16, 2013


The first few days that the older girls went to school, I didn't know what to do with myself.  Josilyn was so bored.  She doesn't really know how to be 'the big sister'.  She is used to her big sisters telling her what to do, so she's not sure how to play with Gideon.
She has been asking forever to play with the clay or the playdoh and, well, I thought that Gideon was too young for it, but I decided to get it out and see how he did with it.  To my surprise, he didn't put any of it in his mouth.  They played with it for 2 hours!!!  Now, everyday, they both climb in the closet and get it out and beg for me to open it.  Its the best thing ever!!  I actually get laundry and dishes done before nap time, so I can actually rest too during nap time.  Thank you playdoh.  You have saved my life!!!
PS  in the photo above, Josilyn chose her own outfit.... don't judge me, I don't always let her look like that  LOL  :)  

Morning Hike

A few weekends ago we decided to get out of the house and go for a hike.  We live quite close to some really neat outdoor fun, and since its going to start cooling down soon, we thought we would enjoy the outdoors a bit.  It had been raining most the week, so it was a little chilly but we had a blast.

We rode up the mountain on the ski lift thing... forgot what they are called.  It was fun, but Gideon was sooo scared! It was adorable!
He wouldn't let go of his daddy.  It was funny, he's usually not afraid of anything

The view at the top was beautiful.  You could see pine view reservoir just below us.  So pretty!! 
We hiked around for about an hour and then rode back down.  Somehow I lost the tickets and we couldn't go back up again, but it was a blessing in disguise because as we left and headed for lunch, a big storm came rolling in.  It was windy and rained a lot!!  It was so fun to get out though!  Hopefully it stays warm for a few more weeks!!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

School Already ???

My babies are both in school this year.... I guess I cant call them babies anymore.... how sad!!!
Andi loves 2nd grade.  She already has so many new friends.  And Alexandra....well, shes working on the friend thing  :)  Kindergarten can be a little scary, but so far, I think she is doing a great job!  And I only cried a little bit when I had to leave her.  I cried more today when I took her, because she said she didn't want me to walk her to class, that she was big enough, and knew what she was doing.  She is VERY independent.  I cant believe how big they are all getting! I just love them!

Poor Josilyn.... she is so bored without her sisters at home....
Good thing Kindergarten is only half a day, so her and Alex can play after lunch


Gabe's brother decided that they were going to go camping before the summer ended, and they invited us to come.  I love to camp!  We used to camp all the time when I was yonger, but I was a little worried about taking all 4 of the kids out to the wilderness, especially Gideon.  How was I supposed to keep him entertained?  Well, we decided to go, and I'm sure glad we did.  It was hard, but really worth it.  We had such a good time.  I love Gabe's brother, and his wife is amazing.  We all get along so well, it was the best part of the summer for me.  Even if it did rain on us one night :)  I cant wait to go camping again!

Rain, Rain, go away....

Good Bye summer days..... :(

Summer Days 2013

I have a lot of catching up to do.  Its so hard to Blog in the summer!!  We were just having too much fun, but here are some updates!

For the 4th of July, we went to the lake with some good friends.  It was fun to see their 2 little kids and our kids play.  We had a blast!!

Josilyn also turned 3 this year!! Ahhh!! I cant believe it!!!  She is so grown up now!!

Oh, and her favorite color is orange right now.
She would wear everything orange, everyday, if I let her
My 2 brothers that live back east drove all the way to Utah this summer as well.  We met them in Southern Utah and had a fun trip just driving around.  We went to Moab, Canyonlands, Goblin valley, boulder Utah, capital reef, and then drove all the way back to salt lake.  It was a CRAZY fun trip.  We only see each other about once a year.  It was really fun to catch up, and for Gideon to see his cousin that was born only 8 hours before he was.  They share a birthday and it was fun to see them play together, finally!
My 2 adorable boys! Couldn't live without either one

Andi climbed up this steep cliff thing to be with her older cousins, and she was crying when she saw how high up it was.  Her dad had to go up and get her.  It was really scary, and funny, but she made it down safely.  Thank goodness!

Another attempted family photo.....we should hire a professional soon....

Walking up and playing in Calf creek.... so fun, perfect for the kiddos
It was so fun to see my family!!  Sad that we wont see each other for another year