Thursday, May 1, 2014

New house

Last Saturday we moved!!  FINALLY!!!!!  We have slowly been outgrowing our old home, and we have had our house on the market forever!  We fell in love with some new homes that were being built about 12 minutes south of where we lived.  We put money on a lot and hoped that we would sell.  Well, a few weeks later, we decided to walk through one of the spec homes they were building.  It was exactly what we wanted to build!  It had the extra bedroom, the flooring I had wanted, and they were offering it at a discounted price just to get someone in the home.  We decided to make them an even lower offer just to see what they would say.  Well, they ACCEPTED!!  WHAT??  Since our home hadn't sold yet, we had to decide pretty fast what we were going to do.  My mom and dad said they would help us out and try to help us get a renter in the home, so that's what we have done.  We are just going to manage our old home and pray that the renter is a good one, and they don't ruin that house!!  But, we have closed on our house and we are now here!! It is so beautiful! I wish I could win the lottery so I could decorate it and make it so cute right now! But I guess we will just have to slowly buy things for the home.  As soon as we aren't living out of boxes I will post some pics! Can't wait!!

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  1. Cannot wait to see some more pics and even better- to see it in real life! So happy for you guys! Wahoooo!